Better software faster


I help organizations develop better software faster.


Improve your organization's development capability. I specialize in creating Fluid Development teams using just-in-time requirements and design to produce the highest quality software as quickly as possible. You can't afford to wait for a formal requirements and design phase. You also can't afford to ship products that miss the mark. Fluid Development lets you start immediately and make sure your product meets real users needs along the way.

Fluid Development improves rapid iteration methodologies like Agile by establishing the resources, permission, and techniques for continual, highly efficient requirements engineering and design alongside rapid software development. I help organizations find the first, fastest points of process improvement to maximize the return from this approach while leveraging existing strengths.


Developing best-of-class software depends on the right design of components and their interactions. The architecture of your product defines its responsiveness, scalability, and maintainability. Getting it right early dramatically improves your ability to iterate to more compelling, more useful, and more profitable software later. Based on your business needs, I can design the right architecture for your application or product, from mostly-offline embedded IoT wearables to distributed, hot maintainable, production websites. For existing products, I can help re-architect and refactor to get your product or service to the next level.


Sometimes you just need the work done. I provide software engineering services in web and internet technologies, from embedded native c++ development to web apps using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. If you need just-in-time engineering for IoT, embedded devices, web apps, or front-line production websites, I can help.

Project Management

As a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), I'm qualified to manage small and large projects. I specialize in software development, typically small-to-medium size, distributed teams using web or Internet technologies to bring a new product to market.

I apply the Project Management Institute's framework for project management through the hard-earned experiential filter of technology startups and corporate deadlines. Often projects that appear under-resourced are, in fact, under-specified and under-managed, wasting time and resources on inconsequential work. Far too many software projects operate without good models of work-to-do and work-in-progress, leaving management in the dark about the real issues driving schedule and budget. I can create those models within your team's current methodology, helping you stay on target, on budget, and on time.

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