Better Software Faster


The Web is changing.

Even as you read this, the web is reinventing itself around the individual. It is no longer enough for companies to put up a website. You need to be on Facebook and Twitter, deploy apps for phones and tablets, and open up APIs for custom third-party applications. You also need to pull in permissioned data and generate personalized services on demand.

The entire global IT infrastructure is turning inside out. When you log in to Bing using your Facebook ID, that's Microsoft accepting the limits of a proprietary database: they simply can't know enough on their own to provide you the best service possible. Instead, they ask you to bring the most useful information with you (from Facebook). That's a complete turn-around of the dominant IT strategy of the 20th century and itís spreading throughout the industrialized world. Smart companies are learning to get permissioned data on-demand and to let it go when done.

The result is a restructuring of institutional power that we havenít seen since companies started using factories to bring all the factors of production into one building.

Welcome to the real-time web.

Keeping on top of this is a never ending challenge. In addition to continually experimenting with product-market fit, savvy companies must maintain complex technical systems comprised of dozens of technologies and software packages running on servers across the Internet.

I can help.